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How to Set the Right Goals for Your Plastic Surgery

Posted July 27, 2020 in Body Contouring, Breast Surgery Options, Facial Plastic Surgery, Natural Looking Surgery Results

2 Minute Read:  Are you looking to cosmetically change or enhance an area on your face or body? Plastic surgery can certainly help you achieve your aesthetic goals; however, it is important to have realistic expectations for the changes you wish to make and be prepared to discuss these with your surgeon thoroughly. Here are […]

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5 Things You Need to Know to Plan for Plastic Surgery

Posted June 16, 2020 in Body Contouring

3 Minute Read:  Plastic surgery can help you feel more confident and help you reach your physical appearance goals. While plastic surgery procedures are commonly performed every day, all surgery contains some element of risk and requires some need for preparation. Before booking a plastic surgery procedure, there are five things to consider. Your Surgeon’s […]

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How to Start Working Out After a Body Contouring Procedure

Posted May 16, 2020 in Body Contouring

2 Min Read:  Body contouring is perfect for those who want to get rid of stubborn fat and improve their contours. Many patients are very happy with their results and understand that it is their responsibility to maintain them. One of the best ways to keep the excess fat at bay and enjoy long-term effects […]

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Mid-Facelift Vs. Facelift: Putting Your Best Face Forward

Posted April 8, 2020 in Facelift

2 Min Read: Facelift surgery is one of the top procedures for facial rejuvenation and is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in the United States. There are many different types of facelift techniques available, including the mid-face lift and the traditional full facelift. What Is a Facelift? A facelift (rhytidectomy) is a […]

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Why an Eyelid Lift Might Be the Only Surgery You Need

Posted March 25, 2020 in Eyelid Lift

3 Minute Read:  Despite being visual creatures, humans can’t see much right away—babies are only able to see up to a foot away clearly for the first few weeks of their lives.  But the eyes develop quickly, and by the time they are three months old, most babies’ eyes will reach their full adult width, […]

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How to Choose Your Breast Augmentation in Miami

Posted January 29, 2020 in Breast Augmentation

3 Min Read Finding the best breast surgeon in Miami might be difficult, but there are ways to shorten your list of potential plastic surgeons in Miami and find the one that is the best fit for you.  Start by looking for surgeons that have several essential qualifications, such as at least six years of […]

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