Can You Combine Breast Surgery Procedures?

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Getting breast surgery is a big decision. Patients should always research the procedures they’re interested in to ensure their surgery is as safe and successful as possible. 

It always helps to know as much as you can before going under the knife. 

Breast surgery is primarily designed to create fuller, perky breasts, but it can also be used to reduce breasts that are uncomfortably large. 

Combining different procedures can be the best way for women to get the breast shape they desire.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery uses implants to increase the size and projection of the breasts. Fat transfer may also be used for enhancement. 

The procedure is used to: 

  • Increase breast fullness and projection
  • Improve body contours 
  • Enhance self-image and boost confidence 

Breast augmentation was the top plastic surgery procedure in 2018, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS).

What Is a Breast Lift?A young woman gets surgical lines drawn before breast surgery.

Unlike breast augmentation, breast lift surgery does not increase cup size. 

It instead removes excess skin tissue to tighten and create firmer, fuller-looking breasts. 

What Is Breast Reduction?

On the opposite end of the spectrum, breast reduction surgery reduces the size of heavy, large breasts. 

This can help to treat problems like back pain and skin irritation, leaving behind beautifully proportionate breasts.

Why Combine Breast Surgery Procedures?

For some women, one procedure may be all they need to get the breasts the way they want. 

But breasts are as unique as the women who have them. Keeping that uniqueness intact is key to crafting natural-looking results—and that may not be achievable with one procedure. 

In some cases, multiple procedures performed at the same time may be needed to take care of every cosmetic concern and get women the breasts they want.

There is more than one benefit to performing multiple procedures at the same time.

An implant that is used for breast augmentation to increase the size and shape of a woman's breast.1. It Avoids Repeat Visits

It might sound daunting, but combining procedures can be a great way to avoid going through multiple surgeries. 

In fact, breast lift surgery is commonly performed alongside breast implant surgery for the best results. 

It’s also done alongside breast reduction surgery, which often leaves extra skin behind as breast tissue is reduced. 

2. Results Look More Natural

Performing procedures together addresses multiple cosmetic concerns—breast size, shape, texture, and the removal of extra skin—in a much more effective manner.

This allows Dr. Alexander the flexibility to craft a truly unique, natural breast appearance.

3. Healing Is Easier

Recovering from breast surgery can take several weeks, with patients typically dealing with swelling and discomfort as their bodies heal. 

Patients will need to wear compression garments or a support bra as they recover. 

Most breast surgery procedures involve at least six to eight weeks’ recovery time. 

Incisions, however, can take several months to fade. So why prolong the process even more by undergoing separate procedures?

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