Feel Like Yourself Again With a Mommy Makeover

Womans abdomen divergence of the muscles of the abdomen after pregnancyHaving a child is one of life’s greatest blessings. The transformation that a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy and childbirth to welcome a child into the world is nothing short of a miracle. However, after giving birth, many women recognize the toll that creating a child has taken on their body. A growing abdomen to accommodate a baby and enlarged breasts to produce milk often leave these areas of the body with stretch marks and sagging skin. Additionally, other areas of the body may be left with fatty deposits that were not there before childbirth. When the body has healed after giving birth, many women seek different avenues to get their body back to the way it was. And when diet and exercise just aren’t enough, women often seek additional help from cosmetic surgery.

Giving the Ladies a New Look

Female hormones during pregnancy cause the breasts to enlarge, and after birth, the breasts become engorged with milk to feed a baby. After pregnancy is over and breastfeeding has stopped, the breasts can appear to sag, have loose skin, and be asymmetrical. While strengthening the pectoral muscles with various exercises can assist in lifting the breasts naturally, exercise alone will not correct the shape or enhance the overall size of the breasts.

A breast augmentation performed by a plastic surgeon can correct asymmetry, increase or decrease the size, and lift the breasts back into a preferable position on the chest. To increase the size of the breasts, implants or fat transfer via liposuction of the abdomen or thighs is commonly used. While there are different techniques for performing a breast augmentation procedure, a consultation with a surgeon will determine what is best for each individual’s needs. Most often, surgeons will perform both an augmentation and a lift to obtain desired results. Most patients can return to work in about one week but should abstain from strenuous activities for approximately six weeks.

Flattening the Abdominals

During pregnancy, a woman’s abdominal muscles separate, and the skin stretches in order to accommodate a growing baby. As the body recovers from childbirth, the muscles do not always come back together properly, and the skin may become lax. This gap in the abdominal muscles is called diastasis recti and usually requires surgery to repair. If not repaired, the abdominal area will appear to protrude, or the woman will continue to look pregnant. A tummy tuck procedure will tighten the muscles and remove excess sagging skin. Recovery downtime for a tummy tuck is two weeks, with activities as tolerated from two to six weeks and no strenuous activities for up to six months.

Getting Rid of Excess Fat

Liposuction can be a great way to eliminate excess stubborn fat. This procedure can be performed in conjunction with other procedures and on a variety of areas on the body. Areas commonly treated with liposuction are the abdomen, thighs, back, and arms. Under normal circumstances, liposuction is relatively quick, with patients returning to normal activities in two weeks.

The Benefits of Combining Procedures

  • Anesthesia only administered one time
  • One surgery appointment
  • One recovery period
  • Save money
  • Total body transformation

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