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I Want My Outside Appearance to Reflect What I Feel on the Inside

Posted March 27, 2017 in Brazilian Butt Lift, Breast Augmentation, Female to Male (FTM), Feminizing Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, Male to Female (MTF), Pectoral Implants, Rhinoplasty

Male Holding Up Picture of Female BreastsThe goal of plastic surgery is often to help a person restore the confidence they’re searching for by enhancing their looks. However, some people undergo plastic surgery to help them express the way they are feeling and have it be reflected by what’s shown on the outside. Transgender patients suffer from physical dysphoria, social dysphoria, or both. By undergoing a combination of sex reassignment surgeries, patients finally have the chance to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Transgender patients can achieve comfort by finally embracing their real gender identity. Whether male to female (MTF) or female to male (FTM) sex reassignment surgery, Dr. Tim Alexander has many patients who find social and physical relief knowing their outside gender appearance matches their inner selves.

Which Procedures Are Needed?

Here’s how sex reassignment surgery works. Typically, once a patient has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder by a mental health professional, they can move on to create their true persona. Hormone treatment is required to produce some of the physical and emotional characteristics of their internal gender. After going through these treatments, most patients will decide to seek plastic surgery to achieve their optimal transformation. Dr. Alexander performs different procedures based on the gender reassignment.

Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery

Dr. Alexander will focus on feminizing a patient’s appearance when performing male to female (MTF) sex reassignment surgery. He will concentrate on creating female characteristics in the breasts, body, and face. One or a combination of the following procedures can be performed on MTF transgender patients:

  • Breast augmentation: Full female breasts can be created by using saline or silicone breast implants.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift: A patient’s fat is used to add volume and curves to the buttocks to create a more feminine shape.
  • Feminizing rhinoplasty: A more refined tip, narrower nasal structure, smaller nostrils, and/or smaller nose is designed by sculpting the nasal structures.

Female to Male Sex Reassignment Surgery

Men are often known for their strong, muscular appearance. Female to male (FTM) sex reassignment surgery will focus on creating more masculine features by sculpting the face and body while removing existing breast tissue. The following techniques can be employed to create a masculine look:

  • Breast tissue removal: Fat tissue and excess skin can be removed from the breasts using a periareolar incision (around the outside edge of the areola) or a double incision with free nipple grafts.
  • Pectoral implants: More masculine chest contours can be created by inserting semi-solid silicone implants through a small incision in each armpit.
  • Liposuction for body masculinization: Fat removal is performed in the abdomen, hips, and thighs to eliminate feminine curves.

If you are interested in sex reassignment surgery, Dr. Tim Alexander is a highly specialized plastic surgeon who has helped many of his patients achieve an appearance that reflects their gender identity. Schedule your consultation today by calling (954) 589-0722 or by filling out our online contact form.