Sex Reassignment Surgery (Male to Female): What Does It Entail?

Male to Female Sex Reassignment SurgeryWhen a person suffers from physical dysphoria, social dysphoria, or both, they may be thinking about male to female (MTF) sex reassignment surgery. Those with physical dysphoria feel confused because their identity does not match their body, and social dysphoria sufferers feel uncomfortable about how others perceive them (transgender). MTF sex reassignment surgery is designed to transform the features of the male body to look more feminine. Dr. Alexander performs a variety of procedures that help patients look less masculine and more like the female they are inside.

Full, Feminine Breasts

Among one of the most notable characteristics women have are the breasts. When transforming from male to female, this is one of the first requested changes. Since male breast tissue is not much different than female breast tissue, breast augmentation surgery can be performed to provide patients with full breasts. During the procedure, Dr. Alexander will create an incision around the areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple). Through the incision, he will insert either silicone and saline breasts implants. To reduce the risk of rippling, he will typically place the implants beneath the breast muscle.

Correcting a Previous Breast Surgery

Some patients have undergone an unsatisfactory and highly dangerous breast procedure with a non-medical person who has injected silicone to augment the breasts. Injecting loose silicone can be risky because it can travel to other areas of the body. Dr. Alexander can remove the loose silicone, and once the patient has healed, he can set up another operation for breast augmentation surgery.

Fuller, More Defined Buttocks

Many women desire large, round buttocks; therefore, it isn’t surprising that many patients undergo buttock enhancement for their MTF surgery. Dr. Alexander performs the Brazilian Butt Lift for many of his MTF patients. The Brazilian Butt Lift technique requires harvesting fat from one area of the body (typically fibrous areas such as the abdomen or thighs), cleansing and purifying this fat, and then strategically injecting the purified fat into the buttocks. Patients can achieve a rounder, fuller backside that looks and feels more feminine.

Feminizing the Face

Among the notable masculine features is a larger nose than that of a female. Dr. Alexander performs feminizing rhinoplasty for transgender MTF patients. The goal of MTF rhinoplasty is to create a more refined tip, narrower nasal bone, smaller nostrils, and/or a reduction in the size of the entire nose. Patients will feel more feminine and can look in the mirror and finally see who they are on the inside reflected on the outside. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, full facial feminization surgery provides patients with an improved quality of life. Patients will not only achieve a satisfying cosmetic outcome but can feel better psychologically and socially.

If you are a transgender female interested in MTF surgeries, schedule a consultation with Dr. Alexander to learn more. He can help you decide on the right procedure(s) to help you look and feel more feminine. Contact us by calling (954) 589-0722 or by filling out our online contact form.