When Your Plastic Looks Too Plastic

Asian woman wearing white mask Although many celebrities are known to live a glamorous lifestyle, there can be a downside to being famous. With the paparazzi always lurking in the shadows ready to snap a picture at any moment, celebrities have constant pressure to look their best. Many celebrities take advantage of plastic surgery to maintain a younger, more vibrant appearance. On the downside, some famous people have been known to go overboard with their cosmetic surgery. Melanie Griffith admits to cosmetic surgery but says she went too far. Griffith’s several plastic surgery procedures have dramatically changed her face, making her look like an entirely different person. If you are considering plastic surgery, you may be apprehensive about looking too plastic. How does a patient avoid results that look unnatural?

Have Realistic Expectations

When you decide you are ready for plastic surgery, it is important that you understand cosmetic procedures are not performed to provide dramatic changes but rather to create an enhanced version of yourself. Understanding what you can and cannot achieve is crucial before beginning the plastic surgery process. You should be realistic in your expectations and emotionally healthy for surgery.

Communicate Your Goals Effectively

Every plastic surgery procedure is designed for the individual. Most procedures have various incisions options and techniques to create a personalized surgery. As a patient, it is your job to communicate your goals to your doctor effectively. It is recommended that you bring in photos of your ideal results or a younger version of yourself to provide your surgeon with an exact idea of what you want your end results to look like.

Choose a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

The most important aspect of the surgical process is choosing a surgeon who is qualified and experienced in performing your procedure. It is recommended that patients thoroughly research their surgeon and make sure he or she is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) like Dr. Alexander. So before you book your consultation, do your homework and choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who is knowledgeable and skilled in performing your cosmetic procedure.

Don’t Expect Immediate Results

A lot of patients expect a miracle immediately following their surgery. Most procedures take at least a month for full results to show, and procedures such as rhinoplasty and breast augmentation surgery can take up to a year for full results to become visible. Patients should follow their post-surgery instructions, such as keeping surgical wounds clean and avoiding sun exposure, to ensure the best results possible.

Whether it is your first time getting plastic surgery or you are interested in correcting unsatisfactory results, Dr. Tim Alexander has the skills and experience to help you to achieve your cosmetic goals. Schedule your consultation by calling (954) 589-0722 or by filling out our online contact form.