Lift Your Body Into Better Shape

body lift model imageTargeting excess fat in our bodies is one of the most frustrating tasks to accomplish. The battle of the bulges can sometimes become a never-ending process. Many people will try to diet, exercise, and take supplements to get rid of stubborn fatty tissue. However, some individuals may fail to meet their body goals even with rigorous efforts. Plastic surgery options such as liposuction may allow someone to get rid of excess fat through surgical means, but it does not remove excess skin. Most people who lose an excessive amount of weight will be left with sagging, unflattering skin that is unresponsive to traditional weight loss and exercise methods. Body contouring procedures are ideal options for removing excess fat while correcting hanging, loose skin in problem areas. It is time to lift your body into better shape with body lift surgery!

What Can I Target With Body Lift Surgery?

Body lift surgery is an excellent way for someone to get rid of skin, fat, and tissue that might cause the appearance of undefined curves. It is commonly performed on patients who have lost significant amounts of weight in a short period. Individuals interested in one or a combination of body lift procedures should be in good health, have realistic expectations, and are willing to follow all operational instructions correctly. They should schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to help them determine if they are ready for body lift surgery. Here are some of your body contouring options:


  • Back lift or extended tummy tuck (beltectomy): Weak abdominal muscles and loose skin in the abdomen are common after massive weight loss. Many people think about undergoing tummy tuck surgery; however, when troublesome fat and skin are an issue all around the body, an extended tummy tuck can be performed. An incision is made on the lower back just above to buttocks to remove large amounts of fat in the lower torso and hips.
  • Thigh lift: Excess skin and fat in the upper legs can be unflattering beneath clothing or unveiled. Thigh lift surgery can be performed to address the tone and texture of the thighs creating a smoother, better-contoured appearance. Depending on the amount of correction needed, different lengths and shapes of incisions can be used. Through the incision, excessive skin and fat are removed, and the remaining skin is tightened.
  • Arm lift: Flabby arms caused by loose, hanging skin are often hard to tone even with a regular diet and exercise regimen. Arm lift surgery can be performed to improve the size and shape of the arms. An incision is made along the underarm, excess skin and fat are removed, and the remaining skin is used to reshape the arms to create better tone and definition.