Plastic Surgery Is Not Just for Women

As time progresses, more men are becoming concerned about their appearance and opting for plastic surgery. Although many people believe surgery only caters to women, men feel just as insecure and embarrassed about their bodies as women do. Whether it is addressing excess fat on the abdomen or enhancing the chest, men also aspire to … Read more

How to Properly Recover After Your Gynecomastia Surgery

Many male patients who struggle with enlarged, feminine breasts (a condition known as gynecomastia) often look into gynecomastia surgery to alleviate their embarrassment and rid themselves of excess fat and glandular tissue. With men now commonly undergoing plastic surgery to improve their self-esteem, making sure they are taking proper care of their health during their … Read more

What Is Gynecomastia Surgery?

While women desire full and noticeable breasts, the same cannot be said for men. Although it isn’t widely discussed, enlarged male breasts are more common than you might suspect, affecting men of all ages. For men, having enlarged breasts can bring both emotional and physical anguish. Many men find that having gynecomastia (the condition of … Read more