Preparing for Your Transgender Procedure

Many patients who seek plastic surgery do so to feel comfortable in their own skin. However, some people undergo plastic surgery to help that skin reflect the way they feel inside. Dr. Alexander offers several gender reassignment procedures for trans men and trans women to help them feel like their true self, including male to … Read more

Is My Teen Ready for Transgender Surgery?

Someone who suffers from gender dysphoria has a different gender identity than the sex and gender assigned to them at birth. The teenage years are already difficult for many adolescents, and those with gender dysphoria may experience teasing or bullying from their peers and struggle to be comfortable with who they are. According to the … Read more

Transforming Female Breasts Into a Masculine Chest

Someone who feels like a man on the inside but was born physically like a woman (transgender) may suffer from physical dysphoria, social dysphoria, or both. Many seek out surgical enhancements to create a physical image that matches the gender with which they identify. Among the most notable of masculine traits is a firm and … Read more